Justin Jansen, PhD

Professor of Corporate Entrepreneurship

Rotterdam School of Management


Professor Jansen is intrigued by the notion that most organizations tend to focus on existing businesses and clients, and are not able to break away from existing routines and processes in order to explore into new territories. To what extent are existing firms able to facilitate the emergence of entrepreneurship within their organization and – even more difficult – balance this desire of innovation and change with a continued focus on operational excellence? Professor Jansen’s research provides new insights into the roles of leadership, the organizational design as well as the development of novel capabilities as to improve long-term viability and performance.

Based on the impact of his research, Professor Jansen has recently been named as one of the most influential scientific minds worldwide by Thomson Reuters. Regarded as 'Hot Research', the ideas generated by and outcomes of Jansen's work have affected the future of management research in important new ways. Professor Jansen has also been named as one of the top-100 leading professors in the field of entrepreneurship, and noted to be one of the individuals cultivating the leaders of tomorrow.

Professor Jansen is scientific director of the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (www.ece.nl). This center provides a unique platform that ranges from scholarly insights about (corporate) entrepreneurship and new opportunities, startup campuses for ambitious entrepreneurs, to exciting executive programs for leading and initiating entrepreneurial behaviors within established organizations.

Justin Jansen also acts as a (research) consultant, speaker, and external advisor to a variety of companies as well as governmental agencies. He has designed and developed workshops as well as management programs about the ability of organizations to identify and initiate novel growth paths, to develop strategic leadership, and to combine seemingly opposing forces such as innovation and operational excellence. Moreover, he has advised governmental agencies on the improvement of the entrepreneurial climate in the Netherlands and on spurring the number of fast-growing organizations.