operations assessment

Our team’s experience launching, re-launching and managing offices, as well as participating in conferences across the world, provides us with a broad perspective of technology transfer business models. We are very cognizant of the multiple stakeholders, both internal and external, who have an interest in your technology transfer office and outcomes.

One of the tools we utilize is a Strategic Resources and Capabilities Assessment. This type of assessment, based on the model developed by Clayton Christensen, allows us to determine the current state of your organization, find the gaps, and provide you with a roadmap to building our the resources and capabilities needed to succeed.

All assessments begin by considering the following factors: the mission of the university, its objectives for the technology transfer office, resources allocated, resources needed, expertise and office operations. In addition, we also consider stakeholder perceptions and needs. This allows us to arrive at an assessment that is comprehensive and the steps necessary to achieve the objectives of the institution.