marketing & lead generation

Marketing is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of transferring innovations, and often the single point of failure in licensing.

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Marketing is more than preparing a non-confidential summary and sending it to industry. It is doing the research needed to generate qualified leads. Traditionally, licensing managers identify a list of companies, email the identical non-confidential summary to each company and, functionally, give up on marketing efforts when they don’t receive a response. The innovation then sits on the shelf. Another way to view this is if you are going to spend between $15,000 and $25,000 to prepare and file a patent application, you should allocate some resources to marketing – after all, patents don’t license themselves.

To generate qualified leads you have identify the “three keys:” key market factors and influences, key target companies, and key people in those companies. Finding key people is the most important – and hardest – part. But until you do that your chances of success are a shot in the dark.

From innovation marketing and lead generation to the novel “Four Ps of Technology Transfer” methodology, Apio works with you to design application-specific methodologies that will help you determine licensability and find a licensee.