Technology & business valuation

The value of a technology or an early stage company depends on a multitude of factors in the sector(s) in which the technology or company is focused. Simplistically, these include market, supply and demand dynamics, availability of capital, and recent activity in exits, mergers, and acquisitions.

Apio-iX focuses on providing our clients with the right type of valuation to suit the need, whether for a particular technology or the overall business. Our valuation services range from a low-cost “quick-valuation” that provides benchmarking data and comparable deals for license pricing, to a comprehensive and research-driven valuation report that provides an estimate of fair market value and liquidation value.

Our experience and skills allow us to provide our early-stage clients with applicable results that are used for many activities including licensing support, securing investment, and sale. Apio-iX leverages multiple valuation methodologies, and/or combinations of methodologies as needed, to provide you a comprehensive analysis.